Lost Numbers Ltd

Taming the chaos.
Bookings & accounts under control.

Lost Numbers Ltd is a company that specializes in Accountancy and Financial services. They approached us here at Ignite Web Development with the challenge of establishing a strong brand identity and building a user-friendly website to attract new clients.

The challenges that we faced were Lost Numbers Ltd was a completely new entity with no established brand identity or online presence. This meant defining their brand voice, messaging and visual identity. They were also entering a competitive industry and they need to stand out and establish themselves as a credible option.

Our solution – We provided a comprehensive solution to launching Lost Numbers Ltd effectively.

Branding and Identity Development:

  • Brand Strategy: We collaborated with Lost Numbers Ltd. to define their brand vision, mission, and target audience.
  • Visual Identity: We created a logo, colour scheme, and typography that represented Lost Numbers Ltd.’s brand personality and resonated with their target audience. Making it bold and a nice lime green.
  • Messaging Development: We crafted clear and concise messaging that communicated the value proposition of Lost Numbers Ltd.’s services and differentiated them from

Website Design and Development:

  • Concept and Design: We developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website that reflected Lost Numbers Ltd.’s brand identity.
  • Content Creation: We created informative and engaging website content that explained Lost Numbers Ltd.’s services, benefits, and competitive advantages.
  • Lead Capture Integration: We implemented lead capture forms to allow potential clients to easily schedule consultations or request further information.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring the website was optimized for all devices, including smartphones and tablets, to reach a wider audience.


Lost Numbers Ltd.’s launch with Ignite Web Development’s help proved successful:

  • Strong Brand Foundation: They established a clear and consistent brand identity that set them apart in the competitive landscape.
  • Informative and Engaging Website: The website became a valuable tool to educate potential clients, generate leads, and establish Lost Numbers Ltd. as a trustworthy provider.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Their online presence grew, attracting new visitors interested in their services.
  • Successful Launch: Ignite’s collaboration helped Lost Numbers Ltd. launch their business with a strong foundation for future growth.


By partnering with Ignite Web Development, Lost Numbers Ltd. successfully launched their startup with a strong brand identity and a user-friendly website. This case study demonstrates the critical role branding and web development play in establishing a new business and driving its initial success.