Movers & Shakers Marketing

Crafting Momentum,
Shaking Up Success!

Movers & Shakers Marketing, a new dynamic marketing agency, approached us at Ignite Web Development with the goal of building their digital presence. Movers & Shakers Marketing is a brand new agency developed by a group of designers and marketing experts who came together to offer up affordable marketing services for start ups and small businesses.

The company, though reputable for its traditional marketing strategies, realised the need to align with modern trends to stay competitive. Ignite was entrusted with the task of developing their website, enhancing user experience (UX), developing a WordPress platform, and setting up a robust social media presence.

The results were – Movers & Shakers Marketing experienced a significant boost in online visibility, attracting a broader audience. The UX enhancements led to increased user engagement, with visitors spending more time on the website. The WordPress platform facilitated seamless content management, enabling the client to update information efficiently. Movers & Shakers Marketing’s social media accounts gained traction, with a notable increase in followers and engagement.

The collaboration between Movers & Shakers Marketing and Ignite Web Development resulted in a transformative digital platform for them. The new website, optimised user experience, scalable WordPress platform, and strategic social media setup collectively positioned Movers & Shakers Marketing as a dynamic and forward-thinking player in the competitive marketing landscape. This case study showcases the impact of a comprehensive digital strategy in driving growth and success for a marketing company.

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